Monday, March 8, 2021

Forms and Policies

Diocesan Required Forms

Please print out, complete, sign and return the following forms to SMAA during the first parents' meeting or to the Parish office prior to the first practice.

Parent ConsentSMAA_ParentConsent.pdf

Parent ConcussionSMAA_ParentConcussion.pdf 

Parent ReleaseSMAA_ParentsReleasePII.pdf

Parent Code of Conduct     SMAA_ParentsCOC.pdf

Athlete Code of Conduct    SMAA_AthletesCOC.pdf

St Mary Slammin' 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney  3 on 3 Waiver.pdf

Important Note:
Below is the Academic Eligibility Requirement Section of the Constitution for athletics.  The Constitution in it's entirety is located in the School and Parish offices. 
G. Requirements for Participation
To maintain academic eligibility, grades will be checked by the Athletic Director. D’s or less in any two subjects will render the student ineligible. The student will not be permitted to practice with the team or play in the games for a period of two weeks. The Student and his/her parents will be responsible for getting the grade review (interims and report cards) signed by his/her teacher(s) at the end of the two week period and submitting it back to the Athletic Director. If the review is favorable, the student may play, if not, he/she must be removed from the team until the next grade is issued.
The students’ principal, Athletic Director, and/or coach/advisor have the right to suspend for any length of time a student athlete from participating in any sports activity as an appropriate disciplinary action for un-condoned behavior that would reflect back on the student athlete as behavior not fitting a St. Mary Parish athlete. All parish students are responsible for providing proof of eligibility. The student will not practice or play games until proof is given to the Athletic Director.
The Athletic Director has complete authority to implement and enforce the Parish Athletic Policy. Any situation that may arise and not covered by this policy will be reviewed by the Athletic Association within a two week period. The Athletic Director may ask the Athletic Association Board to review a situation and the Board will bring the situation to the attention of the Pastor. The Pastor’s decision is final.  (St. Mary Athletic Association Constitution and Policy Requirements 2002)

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